Employee Training-Student Employment

Tuesday, July 15, 2014
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
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Employee Development-Training
Human Resources

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Let’s discuss the student employment arena at BYU-Idaho. HR and affiliated departments will walk you through all stages of the employment cycle. They will also facilitate Q&A using questions submitted ahead of time or during the meeting. Click here to submit questions.

Human Resources in conjunction with the Payroll and International Services departments will provide you with tools to assist in every phase of the employment cycle for student employees. You’ll leave this training more aware of pertinent employment laws and IRS regulations, why things should be done in a particular order, relevant policies and their application, and common areas of non-compliance evidenced every pay period.

Questions for your consideration that will be addressed in some fashion include: 

  • How is student employment different from full-time and part-time employment by way of benefits, policies, and law?
  • How does one go about awarding pay increases and what are the guidelines for doing so?
  • Why are students automatically terminated after two pay periods of inactivity? And what are the most effective ways for rehiring or reactivating them?
  • How effectively are we using this tremendous resource and talent base across campus?
  • What employment laws apply to students? What are the implications for falling outside of them?
  • How about the IRS regulatory environment?
  • What circumstances or practices jeopardize the immigration status of international students?
  • What is the university protocol for managing conflict and performance concerns?
  • Why do we limit student work schedules to 20 hours per week? And how are exceptions to policy handled these days?
  • How does the new healthcare law (ACA) interact with student employment?
  • What policies exist for student employees and why?

All employees involved in recruiting, hiring and supervising students, or who have regular interaction with students are highly encouraged to attend this training. 

Watch a two-minute instruction video showing steps for registering for a training and adding it to your calendar.  

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